Terms & Conditions

1.    The Agreement - is an instrument, which lays down the general rules applicable to the rental of vehicles under the "HAK RENT A CAR" brand.
2.    Rental company - is a legal entity that provides car rental services for the brand HAK RENT A CAR as stated in the Agreement.
3.    Vehicle user - is a natural or legal person who accepts all the terms of the rent specified in this Agreement (hereinafter Renter) and undertakes to:
3.1.    return the vehicle to the Rental vehicle provider on the agreed date and place, as stipulated in the Agreement, or earlier if the Rental vehicle provider insists. If the vehicle is not returned within the agreed time, a fee will be charged according to a special price list,
3.2.    thoroughly check the vehicle before pick-up,
3.3.    request a correct report on the condition of the vehicle and accessories if there is undetected damage or an incorrectly recorded list of equipment and fuel condition.
4.    HAK-USLUGE d.o.o., Vinkovačka 3, Kutina, CIN (OIB): 27985234094  (hereinafter Rental vehicle provider) is the owner of the vehicle rented to the Renter, according to the conditions stated in the rental Agreement.
5.    Vehicle - The Rental vehicle provider shall be obliged to provide the vehicle and all prescribed mandatory safety equipment, and (the "vehicle") in good technical condition, with duly paid taxes and valid registration. Within the EU, the Rental vehicle provider shall be obliged to insure vehicles with compulsory third-party liability insurance.
6.    Vehicle use - The Renter shall be obliged to:
6.1.    drive conscientiously and carefully and use the vehicle in accordance with the laws of the country in which they are driving,
6.2.    use the correct fuel,
6.3.    lock the vehicle when not in use and ensure that all windows, sunroofs, folding roofs, or bonnets are properly closed,
6.4.    immediately stop using the vehicle, if a problem is noticed, and notify the Rental vehicle provider.
7.    It is forbidden to use the vehicle:
7.1.    for commercial purposes without the prior approval of the Rental vehicle provider, for any motor sport (recreational or professional) and off-road driving,
7.2.    under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics, or other intoxicants that could reduce awareness or the ability to react,
7.3.    to tow another vehicle or trailer, transport flammable, explosive, corrosive, or combustible materials,
7.4.    to allow anyone other than the authorized driver to operate the vehicle.
8.    Young driver:
8.1.    the age limit is 21,
8.2.    the Agreement prescribes at least 1 year of driving experience,
8.3.    a special fee of 4,98 EUR + VAT will be charged per rental day.
9.    Rental Agreement - is a document that defines all rental conditions, with all the details of the vehicle, prices, date of collection and return, including information on possible charges for the vehicle in the event of damage or non-compliance with the place and return deadlines. The Renter shall pay the estimated price from the open Agreement if there is no change in the date and place of return, fuel level and damage to the vehicle. Fines and other traffic violations will be charged later, upon their receipt from the police or competent institutions, if the Renter did not present them when returning the vehicle.
10.    Rent duration - The Renter shall be obliged to pay a higher price for renting a vehicle if there is a change in the duration of the rental period or if they exceed the agreed mileage. There shall be an obligation of the Renter to pay a one-way rental fee if the vehicle is returned to a location other than the location in which it was picked up, with obligation to return the vehicle in one of our offices. VAT shall be charged on the listed prices. The Agreement shall start with the entered start time and end with the end time.
11.    Pre-authorization - represents a certain amount retained on the credit card provided by the customer at the time of concluding the Agreement or booking the vehicle. Pre-authorization amounts may vary depending on the vehicle category, additional insurance, and length of rental. The Renter should provide sufficient funds available as payment is made at the end of the rent. Payment is made if required, i.e., if there are deviations from the initial output account for regulating the rental. If the payment is made with another card, the transaction can take between 14-30 days, depending on the card issuing bank.
11.1.    pre-authorization amount for basic insurance (CDW/TP) – MBMR, MCMR, MDMR 796,33 EUR, VAT included 
11.2.    pre-authorization amount for basic insurance (CDW/TP) – EBMR, ECMR, EDMR, EDAR 955,60 EUR, VAT included 
11.3.    pre-authorization amount for basic insurance (CDW/TP) – CBMR, CCMR, CDMR 1.114,87 EUR, VAT included 
11.4.    pre-authorization amount for basic insurance (CDW/TP) – CWMR, CGAR, CGMR, IDMR, EWMR 1.194,51 EUR, VAT included 
11.5.    pre-authorization amount for basic insurance (CDW/TP) – SDMR, GFAR, PVMR 1.433,41 EUR, VAT included 
12.    Payment - The Renter shall be obliged to pay the total amount of the concluded Agreement to the account of the Rental vehicle provider, with all related costs of rental extension, and theft or damage to vehicles and equipment. The Renter shall be obliged to accept all subsequent costs such as traffic fines, improper parking, damage to property of third parties, etc. which happened while the vehicle was in the rent. The calculation will use, approved by the Rental vehicle provider, the valid price lists of original parts and hours of work in the Republic of Croatia, and other costs if incurred by the Rental vehicle provider in the time period spent on the repairs. If the calculation of the provision is in a foreign currency, the selling rate of the bank increased by 4% for possible oscillations of the exchange rate shall be used.
13.    By signing the rental Agreement, the Renter agrees to the collection all costs incurred during the rental period.
14.    Participation in damages - represents the amount of liability of the Renter in case of damage to the vehicle. Additional insurance, which can be purchased when collecting the vehicle, shall be used to cover damage, bodily injury to the driver, damage, and bodily injury to third parties. Valid price lists of all services are posted on the official website of the Rental vehicle provider www.hak-rentacar.hr . The Renter shall be liable for the total damage to the vehicle up to the total estimated value of the vehicle if the damage occurs with intent or gross negligence. The Renter shall be obliged to pay damages in all cases of damage or lack of equipment and parts on the vehicle.
14.1.    fee for processing damages: 50,43 EUR + VAT
14.2.    fee for processing parking fines 29,86 EUR + VAT
14.3.    lost documents 331,81 EUR + VAT
14.4.    lost keys - according to the valid price list of the authorized service
14.5.    fuel tank refueling service 26,54 EUR + VAT increased by the number of liters of fuel required to restore the condition to the original
14.6.    lost license plate 132,72 EUR + VAT
15.    The Renter shall be obliged to inform (I) the police immediately and (II) HAK Rent a car within 24 hours if the vehicle was involved in an accident or was damaged, even if a third party was not involved. If the vehicle is lost, stolen or damaged, they shall be obliged, to the extent permitted by law, to pay a share in the damages specified in this rental Agreement, all taxes and indemnity or processing fees. The Renter shall be obliged to pay any damages (damage, loss, theft of parts, lost profits), regardless of the allowances paid if the damage occurred by using the vehicle contrary to the provisions of the Agreement and General Terms, and due to gross negligence or intent. The insurance in no way covers damage to the interior of the vehicle, damage caused by lack of oil in the engine, spillage of the wrong type of fuel, damage caused by the driver under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants, damage caused by an unauthorized driver, or traffic accidents which are not reported to the competent police station regardless of who is to blame. The Renter shall undertake to participate in all proceedings for the collection of damages against a third party, otherwise they shall be obliged to bear the costs of the accident independently.
16.    Participation in damages shall not apply in the circumstances set out in Chapter 12. and 17. Limitations of Liability. Rental vehicle provider will attempt to charge the deductible and other costs to the party responsible if Renter can prove that the damage, theft, or loss was not caused by his fault, willful misconduct, fraud, or gross negligence (to the extent these terms apply under applicable law). For this purpose, the Renter is obliged to submit to the Rental vehicle provider a duly completed accident report form, including contact details of the other parties involved, within 48 hours of the accident. To the extent permitted by law, Rental vehicle provider will charge the Renter a fee to cover costs incurred by the Renter contacting Rental vehicle provider in order to receive a properly completed traffic accident report. Renter shall not be responsible for the cost of loss or damage to the extent attributable to Rental vehicle provider failure to maintain the vehicle or for those covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
17.    Limitations of liability - The restriction reduces the amount of participation in the damage that the Renter must pay if the vehicle is damaged or stolen. Prices include the basic level of liability and the Rental vehicle provider shall not charge more than the amounts listed above plus tax (and damage or theft handling fee if applicable). Participation in damages can be further reduced by purchasing additional liability coverage. Restrictions shall not apply if the loss or damage can be attributed to (I) Intentional or fraudulent behavior of the Renter, commission, or gross negligence (to the extent that such terms are used in accordance with applicable law) or (II) intentional violation of Chapter 6.6. (Use of the vehicle) and 7.7. (Accidents, thefts, and damage). The Rental vehicle provider shall be entitled to claim damages in connection with loss or damage in an amount equal to the cost of negligence up to the full amount of damage or loss incurred or to be incurred. Then the participation in the damages shall not apply.
18.    Rental duration - the minimum billing period shall be twenty-four (24) hours according to the valid price lists of HAK-USLUGE d.o.o.
19.    Fuel - The Renter shall be obliged to return a full tank of fuel, or with as much fuel as at the beginning of the rental period. In the event that the Agreement is concluded with less fuel than during pick-up, an additional cost will be charged, which shall include the cost of fuel consumed increased by the refuelling fee according to the valid price list. The stated cost shall not be charged for Agreements with a prepaid full tank.
20.    Towing capacity - The maximal towing capacity of Rental vehicle provider vehicles cannot exceed 2000kg.
21.    Additional drivers and passengers - The Renter shall be responsible for ensuring that all additional drivers added to the rental Agreement or passengers who are given access to the vehicle are aware of the conditions in question. They shall be responsible for all costs and fees incurred in the event that the additional driver or passenger does not comply with the subject conditions.
22.    Penalties arising from traffic offenses - The Renter is aware and agrees that in case of any traffic fine or violation, during the use of the vehicle, they shall bear all costs, i.e., that they shall be charged the full amount of the traffic violation, increased by item II of Article 11. Parking penalty processing fees. The Renter shall be responsible for the taken over vehicle and proper use during the rental period, as well as the use of marked road routes that are not areas outside paved roads, i.e., “off road” areas with a high risk of damage. The Renter agrees that all personal data about the driver be forwarded as needed when requested by the competent institutions.
23.    Late penalty fee - Customer will incur a late penalty fee of 50,00 EUR per day including VAT; plus a daily rental rate if the car is returned late. Customers also need to be aware that the vehicle's insurance will no longer be valid and the customer will be responsible for any damages.
24.    Vehicle tracking - Vehicles may be equipped with geolocation systems and devices for tracking and locating vehicles in the event that the vehicle is stolen or not returned to the rental location, or for locating vehicles in cases of a traffic accident or breakdown. All vehicles owned by the Lessor are equipped with devices of Hrvatski telekom d.d. to monitor vehicle movements, fuel consumption, and mileage readings.
25.    Use of the Renter's personal data - By signing the General Terms and Conditions, the Lessee confirms that he is aware of the purpose of using his personal data. By signing, the rent agrees that his personal data be used to: (a) provide a rental service and (b) in the choice of providing a further service. The Rental Vehicle provider will provide the personal data of the Renter to the extent permitted by law and, if necessary, with the express consent of the Renter:
25.1.    to the Renteon car rental platform and 365id travel document authentication and validity platform, with the consent of the Renter,
25.2.    to law enforcement / local government and parking service companies if they have a right to this information, and the law also allows Rental Vehicle provider or allows him to check the validity of a driver’s license, in case of using personal information from this term, Rental vehicle provider is obligated to contact the renter within 24 hours, unless there is a legal ban on notification,
25.3.    to third parties acting on behalf of Rental vehicle provider in managing receivables, in collecting the amounts that Renter owes to the Rental vehicle provider, and in conducting customer surveys that Rental vehicle provider use to improve his services, with the consent of the Renter, 
25.4.    the Renter has a legal right to access personal data held by the Rental vehicle provider (subject to payment of a fee, if permitted by law), and if justified, the personal data may be requested to be corrected, modified, blocked, or removed. The data controller is the rental vehicle provider, as stated in the rental Agreement.
26.    Lost property. The Renter shall be obliged to contact the Rental vehicle provider for all personal belongings found in the vehicle. All items containing personal or financial information will be disposed of within 30 days, in accordance with privacy policy of the Rental vehicle provider and General Terms and Conditions. All other items will be disposed of within 3 months.
27.    The Renter agrees that the Rental vehicle provider may charge a credit card without the presence of the Renter in the case of an extremely dirty vehicle.
28.    For the use of vehicles outside the territory of the Republic of Croatia, the Renter must seek the approval of the Rental vehicle provider and pay a fee for border crossing.
29.    Governing Law. This Agreement is regulated and must be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia. Each party shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Zagreb in respect of any dispute relating to the Agreement.
30.    Copies of the Agreement: The Agreement is signed in identical copies, each representing the original and all representing the same Agreement. After concluding, the Agreement can be sent by e-mail to the Renter.

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